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The Tapestry of Love: CCCI

Every story has a beginning, middle and end. The story of CCCI began....

with an infertile couple who prayed for a child and fell in love with a baby from El Salvador, brought her into their home, and became a happy family. In 1981 Pam Rundle owned and ran a successful private consulting firm. Ken Rundle was a successful dentist with a thriving practice. Pam was working on her PhD in psychology. Being named "Young Businesswoman of the Year" in Fayette County, Georgia may have confirmed that she should remain in business, but instead, she felt the pull of parenthood and ultimately helping children in the developing world. After hearing of an international adoption opportunity, Pam and her husband Ken, added their first child.

Although El Salvador was in the middle of a savage civil war, Pam and Ken traveled to Central America to pick up their baby girl and bring her home. Pam experienced a war torn and poverty stricken El Salvador for the first tine. She and her husband returned home with their child, but did not forget the poverty they experienced while adopting their baby. A few years later, in 1985, the First Lady of El Salvador introduced Pam to an infant boy- Luis Fernando- he was dying of a condition easily correctable in the US. Pam and Ken brought him home to Atlanta weighing only 7 pounds at 9 months old. Through their love and the medical attention provided at Scottish Rite Children’s Hospital, he flourished. It is no surprise that he soon became Bradford Antonio Mateo Rundle.

One could easily finish the story here, with a man and woman bringing home a daughter and saving an infant son, but this story continued with...

a destructive earthquake that destroyed the infrastructure of El Salvador. A terrible earthquake hit El Salvador in 1986. Pam went back to El Salvador the next day to evaluate what could be done to help. The country’s infrastructure was virtually destroyed. Every hospital including Hospital Benjamin Bloom (the only children’s charity hospital) was destroyed. Subsequently, more children were brought to the USA for medical care. These children unlike Brad had loving families to return to in their home country. As an outgrowth of this disaster response, Pam began to envision taking medical teams into El Salvador to “train while teaching”, thus being able to leave a more enduring legacy in the country.

Thus, The Children's Cross Connection, International was born. Medical trips based in small communities became yearly sojourns. Doctors from the US went to El Salvador to train these international physicians in procedures that were not yet performed in these areas. Medical and surgical suites were constructed and supplied with equipment so that when CCCI left, the Salvadoran physicians could continue to treat their patients.

And the end....

has not yet come. Thankfully the story continues. What began as a prayer for a child, is now active and serving children in need in over 16 countries. and continues with prayers of volunteers and those in need. From bringing difficult teaching cases to the US for treatment and training of foreign physicians, to sending medical/ dental teams to other countries to treat and teach, to building playgrounds at orphanages and starting its own orphanage in Ethiopia; literally thousands of children have had their lives changed by CCCI volunteers who have touched those lives because of what they believe in – the miracle of G-d’s love.

Will you consider joining the story and creating another paragraph....?