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One of the greatest pitfalls of a ministry or humanitarian project is to make the assumption that those in need of help are somehow incapable of learning to help themselves. It is often the case that we who are privileged enough to be in the position to serve forget that we ourselves were taught and eventually brought to a state of healthy independence. Children's Cross Connection seeks to break this pattern.

By providing equipment and specialized training to the hospitals and excellent medical personnel already practicing in El Salvador, Peru, Ethiopia, and other countries, we can help expand the number and type of cases that can be treated in-country. Because we are directly impacting those living and working daily as part of the country's medical system, we have a much larger impact on the Salvadorian children than if we were simply bringing individual cases to the States for operations.

Based primarily out of the pediatric charity hospital, Benjamin Bloom, in San Salvador, El Salvador, our teaching projects establish specialty surgical units over a five-year period, and leave the hospital able to offer life-changing procedures to the children of the community. Each year teams of US professionals conduct on-site training through demonstrating pediatric operations on patients the hospital has selected; we also procure whatever necessary specialized equipment is necessary for the procedures and have them installed.

During the five-year process, our surgeons often come across children with conditions that require the quality of US hospital equipment and resources, in which case CCCI arranges for that child to come to the States as a teaching case (see US Surgical Cases link). Accompanying the child may be a doctor from Benjamin Bloom, who would then spend some time following various surgeons within the specialized field, observing techniques which can then be applied in his/her own practice.

To date, Children's Cross has begun five such programs in the following fields:

Congenital Heart Surgery (program complete; 500 patients served each year)

Kidney Transplant Surgery

Craniofacial Surgery

Urology Surgery

Orthopedic/Spinal Surgery

Rheumatic heart program begun in 2007
US Surgical Projects

In conjunction with our teaching projects, CCCI brings children to the United States with conditions inoperable in their native countries, securing surgeons and hospitals to provide gratis treatment. In order to qualify for acceptance, the case must be classified as a "teaching" case, one through which either medical professionals at the host hospital can observe rare conditions, or international medical professionals in our teaching projects can receive further training by accompanying the child to the States and observing the surgery.

All expenses outside those waved by the surgeon and hospital are covered by CCCI, in order to ensure the child services at no cost to his/her family. Our volunteers serve as host families for the duration of the visit, arrange for interpreters and hospital sitters, and create a loving community for the children (learn how you can volunteer).

When a medical professional from their home country accompanies a child, s/he shadows the surgeon for one to two weeks, observing and picking up new techniques to then apply to his/her own practice in their home country.

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